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Available Services

Reading Skills

Is your child falling behind in Reading? Let me help! I will work with your student to gain skills in reading. This will help them raise their reading levels and start reading higher level books!


Does your child struggle with spelling? Let me help them become better spellers! I will teach them spelling, rules, tips, and tricks! They could be the next Spelling Bee Champion!!

Reading Comprehension

Does your student struggle to understand what they are reading? I can help them learn useful skills to better understand what they are reading!


If you have a struggling writer, I can help! I will work with your student and teach them appropriate skills depending on the type of writing they are working on.


If your child struggles with grammar and writing conventions, let me teach them grammar rules and skills! This will help them have better writing skills!


Math struggles? I can help! I can teach your child math skills if they are having a hard time. I specialize in K-8 math services!

Revising and Editing

Need help on your research paper? Let me help you with revising and editing! I will read your paper and offer you ways to make it better!

Dysexia Intervention

I am a certified Reading Specialist. I can give you student extra intervention outside of what they are receiving at school. I will teach them coping skills and strategies to help them become better writers and readers!

Test Preparation

Have an upcoming test? Let me help you prepare! I will help you study and master the skills you will be tested on! I can help in any subject!

Tutoring Services

Let me help you brush up on your skills in any subject! I offer tutoring sessions in all subjects K-8 and English and Reading K-12!

State Test Prep

Is your child's state testing coming up? Let me help them prepare! I can guide them through testing materials, test types, test taking tips! 


Not sure what your child needs? Let me evaluate them and we can decide where to go with services from there!

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